"For WBCL India becomes the shortest place to communicate.
All Human Emotion can be connected through WBCL network whenever, whereever,
whatever & who ever is required, with the fastest support of "information flow".

Lets make the world, a better place to communicate


Smartest Network on Broadband (Online) for direct marketing and communication building on the concept of WBCL for prepaid customer base for online connectivity like Net, Telecom & other services with the DTH.


To create the network of the CSD centers on the principles of WBCL and the infrastructure of digital connectivity through CSD card (DIS, Digital Identity System).

a) Master plan (INDIA - 2020), 10 Million connections, IPTV.

b) WBCL master plan.

c) CSD Centers at major towns and cities.

d) 1000 members club every month.

CSD Card is electronically used digital card which is accessible online and on ATM services. This card works like a credit facility upto Rs. 5000/- limit per month for paying digital and telecom related signals. CSD Direct members form a club on the concept of CSD (Communication Superhighway Distribution Network) where they get credit limit upto Rs. 5000/- per month for five years (60 months) under the marketing plan as a signal points to pay the services provided by various brands. This credit limit upto Rs. 5000/- is maintained by WBCL to CSD members, which will be deducted as per the services used by them for next five years under fixed to marketing plan of DIS.


DIS is WBCLs patent and an excellent concept under telecom sector for digitalizing the identity of a person with Complete Secret Records like Registration No., Pan No., Passwords etc. accessibility will be online across the Globe. DIS ultimately  works like complete data bank of customers on a long term basis, with the program which works on the secret code. WBCL is pioneering this online program of DIS under the brand name of CSD.


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