CSD Card is electronically used digital card which is accessible online and on ATM services. This card works like a credit facility upto Rs. 5,000/- limit per month for paying digital and telecom related signals. CSD members form a club on the concept of CSD (Communication Superhighway Distribution Network) where they get credit limit upto Rs. 5,000/- per month for five years (60 months) under the marketing plan as a signal points to pay the services provided by various brands. This credit limit upto Rs. 5,000/- is maintained by WBCL to CSD members, which will be deducted as per the services used by them for next five years under fixed marketing plan of DIS.


Networking on DIS (Digital Identity System) is WBCL’s patent and an excellent concept under telecom sector for digitalizing the identity of a person with Complete Secret Records like Registration No., Pan No., Passwords etc. accessibility will be online across the globe. DIS ultimately works like complete data bank of customers on a long term basis, with the program which works on the secret code. WBCL is pioneering this online program of DIS under the brand name of CSD.

Multiple services - 1 solution à CSD Direct

Welcome to the world of CSD Direct/ Club

CSD Direct

  • One time cost for the card up-to 5 years term and on monthly rental @ Rs.500/- per month.

  • 30 days installation and activation time for related services after all the membership formalities.

  • Services include one Walky/Landline telephone, DTH with TV and FM channels and Internet connectivity/Broadband (alternate connectivity against limited networking area).

  • Walky/Landline telephone includes one set and connectivity with prepaid billing system.

  • DTH/Cable include installation of the related equipment like set-top box etc. & connectivity.

  • Internet/Broadband connectivity include MODEM/Dial-Up/Wireless as per the infrastructure and the feasibility of the service provider.

  • Monthly rental will include TV, Telephone and Internet Rs. 1000/- per month will be deducted in advance by cheque or electronic mode for 59 month for the related booking services.

  • DTH will include more than 100 TV channels (incl. Pay channels) and FM channels (extra channel can be purchase on demand).

  • Telephone/Walky Landline will have prepaid signals with 350 minute free per month.

  • Internet/Connectivity will have 100 hrs. Free browsing and 100 MB free data downloading.

Buy CSD Direct and own the world of info-com and media in a smarter way.


Booking formalities & forms can be collected from the given outlet or download from the WBCL’s site and can be procured from the CSD Club members also.

CSD Club

CSD is a unique concept and the strategy based on DIS through club formation to establish and create the faster and limited market for info-com keeping affordability and awareness as the prime objective for the promotion of the concept. Keeping 2010 commonwealth game as company’s target.

  • One time fees and forming a club by introducing 3 more members within 30 days to avail the 5 years membership on the rental of Rs. 500/- per month for 54 months.

  • Incomplete formalities of club formation within 30 days will be benefited by the facilities of CSD Direct only.

  • 30 days activation and installation time for the services and related equipments for the CSD club members.

  • Services and equipment under DTH / Cable, Telephone / Walky and Internet / Broadband will remain same as CSD Direct.

  • CSD club members are entitled and privileged with the extra services, facilities, and marketing incentive in the extra paying points under IPP (Incentive Purchasing Power) awards for next 5 + 54 months for follows services:

  1. Saving account with allied bankers of the company.

  2. TV, Telephone and Internet Rs. 550/- per month

  3. Internet unlimited downloading and Browsing

  4. Petrocard benefits of limited value in Rs. Per month.

  5. Paying power of related signals across the globe.

  • When the club is formed within 30 days the benefit under CSD Club will be activated within time form 150 days for the following:

  1. Debit card / Saving account facilities.

  2. Petro card

  3. Bill paying facilities under telecom services discounted rate IPP (Incentive Purchasing Power) credit limit upto 3,000/- per month on the terms of credit card by the Bankers.

  • CSD card members will be awarded purchasing incentive power for the signals and petroleum product for the value of Rs. 3,450/- per month for 54 months avail above facilities (point a, b, c, d, e) from the company (WBCL).

  • This incentive purchasing power for Rs. 3.450/- and its benefit will not be carry forward to the or for the next month or any other month.

CSD Club member shall not use IPP (Incentive Purchasing Power) as the value for any other product then under CSD Club or buy any means, or else 30% will be deducted from the value of the used amount.

CSD Club 1 time membership fees formation or the Club in 30 days.

Benefit = CSD Direct + IPP (Incentive Purchasing Power) of Rs. 3,450/- per month + unlimited internet downloading and Browsing.

So broad-in in the future with World Broadband Communications Ltd.


...from C. E.O. Desk

Wheels to bullock carts, bullock carts to space shuttles, “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Forgone are the days when this was the principle sentence to define science and discoveries. Today mankind and Humanity moves on totally two different roads.

The “Man” traveled with the constant speed towards the development and needs and called it the technology in 20th century. Necessity changed into needs, needs into habit, habit into style and style should be added with value to give the complete satisfaction of life in 21st century while defining success. Information technology has accelerated the speed of development in last 20 years, ultimately shorting the structure of globe in the field of media and communication. We have come a long way for better communication, i.e. pigeon to postman, postman to phone, phone to cellphone and cellphone to satellite phone. WBCL is taking the torch of technology in the future by introducing and pioneering its network for superhighway distributions to provide “Direct To Home” (DTH), an art of communication through its brand CSD. With such a vast development in the field of media & communication, where every idea is being tested to the extreme for its feature and quality, WBCL is a group of visionaries to make things happen, on the principles of time, training and technology.

The WBCL defines the strategy of win-win attitude i.e. Connecting people to goals, goals to dreams & dreams to their vision. We also called it “a Network” connecting you digitally to your vision and defining your success for digital time era i.e. 21st Century on principles of “Connecting Humanity”.

We welcome you all to share the hands of each other in forming the network of success and running ahead into the future zone of Digital era.

“So broad in.” what you are waiting for? Take-off for your successful future with WBCL knowing the fact that time never wait




  • More than 100 digital Channels

  • Video on Demand*

  • Interactive Programs*

  • Video games and many more.


  • Fixed billing system and free calls.

  • 350 Local minutes every month upto 5 years.

  • 2 - 5% discount on extra billing *


  • 100 Hours Net surfing.

  • Unlimited downloading*

  • Unlimited Browsing*

  • Speed up to 256 kbps*

TV + Telephone + Internet = 1000/-


5 years fixed rental / membership plan.


Pay all bills under telecom signals & DTH across the globe.


Incentive Purchasing Power for Petroleum Products


Unlimited internet for club membership.


DTH, Telephone and Net equipments for 5 years fixed plan.


Insurance on service related equipments on CSD Club.


Free installation of DTH equipment (Set-Top-Box) telecom equipments, net connectivity.


Earn while you Entertain.


IPP Incentive Purchasing Power fixed with Credit/Debit on Card from allied Bank.


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